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About the Croft

Before the 1840’s there were some eleven townships in the south Ross of Mull. Some five townships suffered the effects of rapid eviction – Kilvicuen, Knocknafenaig, Tireregan, Shiaba and Ardalanish. Those displaced were not expelled from the Argyll Estate but removed from the fertile districts of the south Ross of Mull to poorer lands to the north around Ardtun. The remaining six townships lingered on beyond 1860 but by the later 20th century they were all abandoned due to the process of ‘voluntary’ migration from the later nineteenth century. Among these abandoned was the township of Ardchiavaig which in 1841 had 30 households and by 1871 had reduced to 22 but now lies abandoned. This township lies at the heart of the Muddy Puddles Croft.

The Ross of Mull is a sparsely populated place with an economy that's surprisingly resilient, despite being in one of the most beautiful landscapes on earth. The Croft itself can be found at Uisken (parts if it actually stretch to 270 acres) and looks out onto Jura, Islay and Colonsay from its southeast corner, as well as Bunessan Road which bisects this fortunate piece of land.

Ardalanish Beach
Ardalanish beach is located a few minutes away from our croft and is absolutely gorgeous, so you could be forgiven for thinking that it's in Barbados.

Uisken Beach is a beautiful beach with great views. If you want to see the view from "The Last Look Back" cairn, there's a short but surprisingly strenuous walk up the hill on its east side where it will be clearly visible in the distance. From here, you can also take out your camera and capture some shots of Colonsay Island off to one side as well as Jura and Islay Islands across from each other at opposite ends of this scenic vista on Scotland’s West Coast